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Travel Hoops

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5th & 6th Travel

Lancaster – Lebanon

5th and 6th Grade Travel Basketball League Rules and Information:

• The executive board is headed up by Gary Morinchin and include members Chris Erb and Jim Shipper

• The executive board will be responsible for any and all rule changes for the league, scheduling, league format, playoff format, and officiating assignments.

• The Executive Board shall strongly emphasize the objectives of the Lancaster - Lebanon 5th and 6th grade travel league, which include the importance of learning the game of basketball, while at the same time creating a fun and competitive atmosphere.

• Sportsmanship will once again be a point of emphasis. The league has told officials to have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to actions of coaches, players and fans.


Coaches Responsibilities

• A coach or a representative of each participating school must attend the meeting at the beginning of the year.

• Head coach may stand during play. This is designed to help you communicate with your players. This is not meant to “work the officials”. Coaches must stay seated if he/she or anyone on the bench receives a technical.

• All players, coaches, and observers must abide by the objectives mentioned above and project the ideas of good sportsmanship.

• Winning team coach shall be responsible to post the games scores online via the Post Scores link or email the game score to and, as soon as possible, so that it can be posted on the website.

• To maintain supervision of the crowd

(Any spectator being disrespectful or displaying inappropriate behavior may be asked to leave. If that spectator is ejected, he must leave the gym and will be suspended from attending the next scheduled game. Play will resume after the matter is taken care of. If that spectator refuses to leave, the game will be forfeited to the appropriate team.)

• To provide a good example for the players.

• Provide as much equal playing time as possible for their teams.

• To the conduct of the players on the bench at all times while under his/her supervision. Players should be respectful of the other team at all times.

 Team responsibilities

• Attend all meetings (Penalty for not attending as mentioned above)

• Must supply gym dates by the first week of October for any upcoming season.

• Maintain supervision of gym crowd.

• Putting a tape line down 2’ inside of existing foul line for 5th grade Girls free throws.

• Try to make sure the home gym is opened at least fifteen minutes prior to game time.

• Supply a clock operator and someone from each team to keep a score book.

The home score book shall be the official book unless designated before game

• Each team is responsible for paying one official $30 each game. If only one official, each team shall pay that one official $25. (All officials in the playoffs are paid for by the league).


League Requirements and Player Eligibility

• The Lancaster – Lebanon 5th and 6th grade travel basketball league will be comprised of two divisions (Division 1 and Division 2).

• Division 1 will be 6th grade or 5th grade players. Division 2 will be 5th grade only.

• Any school with both Division 1 and Division 2 teams may not place the same player on both rosters (Nor can the same player play for both teams).

• Kids who attend private schools are eligible as long as they live in the school district of team.

• Any player on any team roster must play for the school district in which he/she resides or the school in which he/she attends. (All players must be from the same school district).


Division 1 & 2 Common Rules

• Games are 2 halves of 22 minute running clock. Clock will stop for T.O.’s and injuries. (Clock will also stop last 2 minutes of each half on all whistles).

• 2 timeouts per half (1 – 60 second and 1 – 30 second).

• Overtime is 2 minutes, clock stops on all whistles and begins with a jump ball.

• Each team will get (1) full time out in each overtime. (Timeouts will not carry over)

• Shooting 1 and 1 bonus free throws will begin on the 7th team foul of each half.

• 2 shot bonus free throws will begin on the 10th team foul of each half.

• 5 minute halftime when possible. 3 minute halftime for all games at the Nook.

• Players foul out on 5th personal foul (Technical fouls count as personal as well as team fouls).

• 3 point shots are allowed.

• Mercy rule: if lead over 20 points, clock will not stop for last 2 minutes in either half except for T.O or injury.

• In coordination with PIAA rules, no jewelry may be worn at any times. This would include earrings, necklaces, and any type of bracelets.

• Girls games and Boys 5th grade games shall be played with a 28.5 basketball.

• Girls 5th grade games will shoot free throws from a taped free throw line 2 feet in front of

actual free throw line.


 Pressing Rules (Division 1 and Division 2)

• All levels may press full court at any time and play any type of half court defense.

• Winning team may only press if lead is less than 20 points but common sense is encouraged when it comes to pressing


• Boys Division 1 (6th Grade) – Top 2 in each section.

• Boys Division 2 (5th Grade) (Sections 1 to 4) – Top 2 in each section.

• Boys Division 2 (5th Grade) (Sections 5 and 6) – Section winners.

• Girls Division 1 (6th Grade) (Sections 1 to 3) – Top 2 in each section.

• Girls Division 1 (6th Grade) (Sections 4 and 5) – Section winners.

• Girls Division 2 (5th Grade) (Sections 1 to 3) – Top 2 in each section.

• Girls Division 2 (5th Grade) (Sections 4 and 5) – Section winners.

• Any tie-breakers in standings will be determined in order by:

1. Head to Head

2. Least points allowed vs. tied opponent in head to head games.

• Any 3 way ties will be determined by least points allowed vs other tied opponents.

• All officials in the playoffs are paid for by the league.

• Playoff structure will be determined each year by the executive committee.

• If a school has a gym available for the playoffs, it may be considered as a site to host playoff games.

• Gym use for playoffs will not be based on regular season standings.


Coach / Player Suspension

• Any fighting, swearing, or behavior felt to be inappropriate by coaches or players will result in that coach or player’s dismissal from the game or the season depending upon the level of misconduct. The league executive committee will review any situation and make a final decision as to the penalty.

• Any coach or player receiving two technical fouls in 1 game will be ejected from the game.

• If coach is ejected he must leave the gym and will be suspended from attending the next

scheduled game.

• If a fan is ejected from a game, they may not attend that teams next played game. The executive committee has right to extend and suspension for a fan.

• If player is ejected, they will not be able to sit on the bench unless a parent is not available. They too will be suspended from the next scheduled game.

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